How to Get an EPP/Auth Code from your Domain Registrar

Hoe to get EPP or Authentication Code from Domain registrar to transfer your domain

An EPP or authorization code is 6 to 16-character code required by your new registrar when transferring domain to Garanntor. How long the transfer takes depends on the following steps.Listed below is how to get EPP code from cPanel from different registrars.

To get your EPP from WHOGOHOST, you need to first unlock your domain name. The following steps shows how to go about it

If the registrar lock has been enabled on your domain, you need to first unlock. The lock helps to prevent unauthorized domain transfer without your permission. Simply disable the registrar lock on your domain. To do this.
1) Login to your Whogohost client panel.

2)Click on “Domains” link in the menu bar.

3) In the “Manage Domain” section click on domain name that you want to transfer.

4) Now click on the “Get EPP Code” button on the left side of your panel.

5) You will now see your EPP code as shown below.

Copy and save your EPP code for any domain transfer.


1. Login to your Domainking.NG client Panel.

2. Click on “My Domains” link in the top menu bar.

3. Click on the “Manage this Domain” icon next to the domain you want its EPP code

4.Scroll down to “Management Tools” section and click on the “Get EPP Code” button.

5.After clicking Get EPP code button you will see the EPP code of your domain name on your screen.


Below is how to get EPP code from cPanel from Web4africa

1. Login to the Web4Africa Clients Area.
2. Go to “Services” then “Domains” after login.
3. Click on the specific domain you wish to obtain the code for and then the “Auth Info / EPP Key” tab.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and click on the “Request Auth Info / EPP Key” button.

If you have any other question concerning EPP code to transfer domain to garanntor, you can contact our 24/7 support team.

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